All benefits
for every good casino.

Create a group of loyal customers who subscribe
to your casino as Home Casino.

Possibilities of addressing
the created target group for individual games.

Share your event directly
in the app itself.
This will raise awareness.

Addressing the target group
of players with a focus
on a specific region.

Display special content
only to premium players.

We will come up with a creative concept with the aim of increasing the traffic of the casino or individual games.

With our team we will come to record a report from your casino, party or tournament.

We will make a promo video
from the premises of your casino intended for advertising.

We will prepare PR materials
for advertising on our social networks.

Possibility of advertising vacancies in your casino.

Reach pre-selected groups
of targeted advertising ads.

Add your own photos or videos through simple administration.


Be a part of the biggest gaming project of the 21st century.